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Yoga Yin & Restorative

Gentle and nourishing practice, with postures held for long periods to promote deep relaxation and release. It allows you to find calm and restore your body and mind. This is a great opportunity for gentle and restorative stretching. Variation: Yin & Nidra Yoga, also called mindful sleep yoga, offers a slow, introspective practice. You will experience deep relaxation through a guided meditation which is practiced lying on your back.

Yoga Doux (Soft Yoga)

A soothing practice that emphasizes breath awareness and deep stretching that are designed to help you relax, release tension, and find inner peace in a gentle and nurturing space. Variant: Morning Yoga. Ideal for starting your day in a gentle manner, the class ends with relaxation to help you unwind and mentally prepare for the day ahead.

Yoga Functional

Practice that focuses on both physical and mental well-being. Your teacher will take care of your body and mind through yoga sequences focused on anatomy and biomechanics, while working on lightening your mental load. Fun approach and functional which will allow you to explore movement with curiosity and kindness, without seek to perform spectacular poses. Between vinyasa and hatha, for a practice adapted to real life.


Yoga Vinyasa Flow

It is a dynamic Vinyasa practice. Through creative and varied sequences of postures, you will explore movement, flexibility, and strength. Each class brings new challenges and growth opportunities, helping you find your flow on and off the mat. Variants: "Sweat Flow" and "Energy Boost" will offer more intense practices, while "Slow Flow" will be slower paced.

Body Weight

Practice that combines classic sequences with movements such as punches and kicks to improve your flexibility, mobility, your balance and your breathing capacity. Accessible to all levels, this class will allow you to move in a fun and fun way. effective.

Energetic Hatha Yoga

Dynamic practice focused on aligning and exploring your own “VIBE”. All postures are held for 5 full breaths. This class incorporates mantras (chants) and dynamic breathing techniques (Pranayama) for a deeply healing experience, and allows you to connect to your inner energy and find your balance.


Functional Core and Floor Pilates focus on deep muscles, such as the transversus abdominis and stabilizers, to build strength, stability and mobility, while improving alignment and posture. Floor postures and specialized props help develop the foundations of a powerful, resilient practice that supports daily activities. The intensity of the classes may vary depending on the accessories used, such as the ball, magic circle, dumbbells or resistance band.

Trampoline Bounce & Circuit

Dynamic trampoline practice with stimulating music. Move while having fun to the rhythm of sound and songs. Suitable for all levels, this course offers motivating group atmosphere and reduces the impact on the joints for an experience pleasant and safe. Variation: The Trampoline Circuit class focuses on a slower, sustained interval sequence, combining purposeful movements on the trampoline and on the mat.

Abs - Booty

Ideal class that focuses on alignment and emphasis on the center of the body. Dynamic and varied, this course is suitable for all levels.


Full Body

Dynamic practice that uses your entire body. Ideal for having fun while moving, this class contains approaches that use several muscle groups. Suitable for all levels.


Here is a course that complements the more passive courses in order to implement the mobility acquired. You will be required to perform high intensity sequences followed by short recovery periods. Fun guaranteed


Complete practice that uses your whole body. Several stations aiming to diversify the sequence. Alone at a station or in pairs, our teachers adapt to all levels and offer you a dynamic and stimulating experience.


Here we teach Savate, also known as French boxing, a popular discipline in Europe. This class will allow you to learn the basics and the most popular sequences, working with boxing gloves, punching pads and shields provided by the studio. Sparring with an opponent will be introduced towards the end of the course and will not be compulsory. This complete discipline will give you speed, agility, and better reaction time.

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